1. Laser Cutting, Fabrication and Welding


    Looking for laser cutting, fabrication or welding experts? Look no further! With over 60 years of experience as a leading sheet metal fabrication company, we’ve built up a fantastic reputation for supplying a range of fabricated stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel products. Our highly skilled team of fabricators, engineers and welders, use modern computer controlled machines and technology to create made to measure products of any shape and size - making us your one-stop shop for taking your products from drawing to finished product.

    Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting offers a far superior finish to most other cutting methods, such as plasma. Using our Bystronic Laser, we can cut within 0.25mm accuracy on up to 12mm thick steel, 8mm stainless steel and 6mm thick aluminium, whilst efficiently nesting parts on the sheets to keep waste to a m

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  2. Kitchen Design Lessons from Masterchef

    To be genuinely well-designed a kitchen must balance beauty and usability to create a unique space. Your kitchen should inspire the creation of dishes that bring joy and delight to you, your family and guests. Kitchens are the beating heart of our homes. It's no mistake that the fridge door is the place we hang the most-treasured artistic produce of the school day. With so much footfall, kitchens must be practical in their layout and robust enough to withstand the bumps and knocks of heavy use.

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