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All are splashbacks are made from 6mm thick toughened glass, manufactured to BS EN 12150. It is not possible to toughen very small pieces (less than about 250mm square) so these would not be toughened but we will tell you about this.

Toughened glass is approximately 5 times stronger than normal glass. It is also resistant to temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius (390 degrees Farenheit)! Its ideal for use as a splash backs.

Two types of glass exist, Float Glass and Low Iron Glass.

Float glass has a slight green appearance and is not suitable for lighter colours as it will give the splashback a green tint.

Low Iron glass appears much clearer than normal Float Glass due to its low Iron content. 

We use glass manufactured by Pilkington and Glassolutions Solaglas. Two of the UK's largest manufacturers of glass.


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